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Black Lab is your premier wealth management firm on the Space Coast of Florida. Book your discovery call today.


Unwavering commitment, lifelong partnership

Devoted to client success, steadfast support, trusted companion throughout your financial journey


Trustworthy, transparent, ethical conduct

Uncompromising ethics, unwavering honesty, transparent and principled in all our interactions


Customized solutions, personalized approach

Individually crafted solutions, personalized strategies, customized guidance for unique financial goals


Knowledgeable, experienced, market insights

Proven proficiency, deep market knowledge, skilled advisors navigating complex financial landscapes

In the Media

Our advisors have been featured and published in some of the most prestigious media outlets in the world.

Guiding Your Financial Journey With Loyalty & Expertise

Loyal companions on your path, we are committed to guiding you through each step of your financial journey, creating a roadmap for success.

Our Industry Insights

You can trust that you’re receiving the highest quality and most reliable information when you rely on us.

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