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Expert guidance tailored to your unique needs, helping you navigate your financial journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Consulting​

Black Lab Financial along with your attorneys and tax professionals work directly with business owners, executives, and high net worth clients to create holistic financial plans that focus on estate and asset protection, wealth preservation, retirement planning, risk management, business succession, tax efficiency, creditor protection, and we provide ongoing consultation and reviews to ensure your plan meets your goals.

Let us secure your financial future together with comprehensive planning and consulting tailored to meet your unique goals.

Retirement Planning

You’ve got questions and we can provide answers. Black Lab Financial will analyze all of your current retirement assets along with your goals to provide you a clear road map for a successful quality retirement. We create our retirement plans to focus on wealth accumulation during your working years and a focus on income planning as you near retirement.

Let us help you achieve the retirement you deserve today and start planning your path to a secure and fulfilling retirement.

Investments & Asset Management

Black Lab Financial has a highly skilled team of investment professionals that we partner with to provide the highest level of investment and asset management to grow and protect what you have worked hard for.  We also provide Private Wealth Group services for our higher net worth clients with 1 million or more in liquid net worth.  These services include, but are not limited to, customized portfolio construction using individual securities, options, tax-loss harvesting, private equity and alternative asset classes, and much more.

Protect and grow your wealth with our investment and asset management services that help you achieve your financial goals.

Executive Compensation Plans

Black Lab Financial will analyze the needs of your higher level executives and recommend different types arrangements to reward your executives for the hard work that they are doing.  This may include deferred compensation packages, cash value life insurance bonus plans, and much more.

Ensure your executives are rewarded for their dedication and hard work with the best executive compensation plans tailored to your needs.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Many of our clients have charitable giving within their hearts and deep roots in their communities.  Black Lab Financial Services can work directly with you to help you structure and manage your charitable giving through Private Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and much more.

Make a lasting impact with your charitable giving with strategies that align with your values and community goals.

Estate & Asset Protection Strategies

Black Lab Financial Services works with your various estate, tax, and other attorneys to create certain account structures and ownership designations to protect your assets, business interests, and financial well-being from any potential creditors while also creating ongoing legacies if desired. 
Safeguard your assets and secure your legacy with our estate and asset protection strategies tailored to your needs.

Life Insurance, Risk Management, & Wealth Transfer Strategies

Our highly specialized team of dedicated insurance professionals can help individuals and business owners with Term insurance, Key-Person, Buy-Sell Agreements, Long-Term Care Planning, Cash Value Life Insurance, and Premium Financing and Funding options for high and ultra-high net worth clients. We work with your estate attorneys and tax professionals to structure tax efficient and creditor protected wealth transfer strategies.
Protect your future and ensure a smooth wealth transfer with life insurance, risk management, and wealth transfer strategies designed for your unique needs.

Business Retirement Plans: 401k, 403b, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Pension Plans & more

Black Lab Financial has a team of dedicated Business Retirement Plan Specialists to help you and your company create a quality benefit to you and your employees while maximizing the benefits to the owners of the company. We structure these plans to complement the holistic approach to your financial planning. All of your employees will have direct access to tools and resources offered by the companies we work with as well as our advisors to help with financial planning.
Enhance your company’s benefits and create the perfect business retirement plan for you and your employees.

Premium Finance

Premium Finance life insurance is simply borrowing money to fund a life insurance policy. It is important since it usually requires the owner to pay considerably less out of pocket as compared to purchasing a permanent plan without using leverage. Quite often, one can purchase permanent life insurance by deploying this strategy where the payor can pay a similar out of pocket cost as purchasing a term policy. Premium Finance designs come in 2 simple forms. Buyers are seeking permanent death benefit protection or tax-free income, or both. It’s uses are many, but generally fall into one of the following categories:
  • To protect one’s family against the loss of life
  • To provide liquidity at death for debt and taxes
  • To fund executive compensation plans or buy sell agreements
  • To provide tax free income in retirement,
  • Or, a combination of several of the above
Premium Finance designs typically utilize specialized banks that understand the nature of this non-traditional lending combined with insurance carriers that provide products that fit this niche. In other words, most banks won’t lend for this purpose and most insurance carriers don’t have the right products and knowledge to be a resource for this financial strategy. It is critical to work with specialists when considering premium finance life insurance.
Maximize your financial strategy with expert guidance and innovative approach that can benefit you and your family.
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